Evaluation of Hot Pot Slot Today we will discuss a new slot machine game that can be played easily and has a distinct concept.

game It resembles a fun culinary game with bright visuals. The image is crisp and conveys the sense that you are actually preparing hot soup. You will begin to smell the fragrant soup, crisp veggies, and succulent fresh meat. It is comparable to dining in a group while seated in a circle.

Review of the novel slot machine game, Hot Pot Slot, where bonuses are simple to unlock

PG’s brand-new Hotpot Slot is a Shabu-themed slot game with a distinct gameplay. The playing field is a 3-reel, 3-row chili pot, and players may earn up to three more jackpot levels by collecting chili symbols. Simply click the spin button to earn rewards in a ferocious and fiery environment. It is both entertaining and lucrative, with several added features.

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How to play PG SLOT camp’s Shabu Slot Hotpot

Similar to other slot games of the PG SLOT group, the Shabu Hotpot slot game is played by pressing the spin button to cause the wheel to randomly spin rewards, and matching three or more symbols to receive a payout. The more similar symbols that are landed, the greater the payout. Collecting special symbols might enhance the jackpot reward. There will be a total of 12 reward symbols, which you must be familiar with.

The beef shabu icon There is a maximum payout percentage of 2,000. The maximum rate of payment is $1,500.

Octopus sign There is a maximum payout rate of one thousand. There is a maximum payout rate of 900 percent. There is a maximum payout rate of 800 coins every spin. The highest payoff percentage is 700. shiitake symbol There is a maximum payout percentage of 600. There is a maximum payout percentage of 500. There is a maximum payout percentage of 450. The maximum payout rate is 400 percent.

golden needle mushroom symbol There is a maximum payment rate of 350 per symbol of radishes. The maximum payout percentage is 300.

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It can be observed that the maximum bonus payout for the meat symbol on the Shabu Slot is up to 2,000 times the wager, and that in order to win the maximum prize for each symbol, the identical symbol must appear on each reel. Or you must obtain all nine photos, however this hot pot slot game does not offer a chance to collect prizes based only on the bonus payout rate. Because there is also an assortment of unique jackpot prizes.

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PG SLOT Hotpot Jackpot Characteristics

The Jackpot feature of PG SLOT’s Hotpot game is a random accumulation of chilli symbols and other winning symbols, which will have a chilli accumulation bar above the slot table. The larger the jackpot, the more chillies you collect. Which will be subdivided into three tiers based on the quantity of chili as follows:

If you obtain nine or more chili symbols, you will win the super-hot jackpot and the bonus reward rate will increase by 500.

If six to eight chili icons appear, you will win the jackpot. Increased bonus payout percentage by 80

When 4-5 Chili symbols appear, the jackpot is set ablaze. Increased the rate of bonus reward by 10

And after the spin of that round concludes, the chilli symbol collection meter will revert to 0 and begin collecting again.

Consequently: A review of the Hot Pot slot machine game, a cookery game from PG.

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