Top 2023 Online Casinos that Accept Cash and Codes

Money can be sent quickly and safely with Cash to Code, often known as CashtoCode. This is done in a cashless manner via the internet. One of the reasons it is so popular among players at online casinos is that users don’t need to have a credit card or bank account to use it.

There are 28,000 PayPoint locations where you may visit to initiate the Cash to Code process, so it’s possible that there’s one not too far from you.


We’ll explain how to use Cash to Code to deposit at your favorite online casinos in greater depth down below. It’s important to note, though, that making a deposit at a PayPoint location typically entails little more than scanning a barcode and handing over the cash for it.

Ways to Bet with Code and Money


Now that you know the fundamentals of Cash to Code, you might be wondering how to put it to use in the context of online gambling. If yes, then read on for some easy instructions that will help you get it properly the first time.


The Cash to Code feature can be utilized without the requirement to sign up for an account.


Top Off Your Gambling Account

Sign up with your preferred Cash to Code gambling establishment. To pay using Cash to Code, simply select that option when checking out.

Deposit funds by entering an amount and scanning the resulting barcode.

Go to a PayPoint and provide the barcode on your phone to the cashier. Someone there will scan it for you.

Give the cash to the cashier so that he or she can process your casino deposit.

Withdrawal Procedures

Cash to Code is unable to process withdrawals at this time; therefore, you will need to find another withdrawal option.

The ‘Withdraw’ button can be found in the cashier section of the online casino.

Choose an alternate form of payment and enter the desired withdrawal amount.

To finish your transaction request, provide your banking information.

Online gambling can benefit greatly from cash to code.


When making a deposit at an online casino, using Cash to Code has a number of advantages. It is unfortunate that withdrawals cannot be made using this method. Look at the benefits it offers despite this, though.


Simple and Quick Deals

If you’re looking for a no-frills online gambling experience, then Cash to Code is the way to go. To begin, you don’t need to create a new account of any kind to make use of it.


This ensures that your information will not be shared with any third parties. In addition, when making a purchase in-store, the cash handover is instantaneous. This means you can start playing your preferred brand-new casino games without delay. Barcodes may be easily generated and scanned to complete the deposits.



At a PayPoint, the only thing you have to provide the cashier is the barcode. Cash to Code is a secure technique of making online gambling payments without exposing your financial details to the casino or anybody else.


Cash to Code deposits don’t require a bank account or credit or debit card. This makes it a viable option and one of the safest banking methods available today.


Untraceable Financial Dealings

This relates to the earlier mentioned security issue. Cash to Code ensures your privacy when making online casino deposits. Your private information is safe from prying eyes because you don’t have to give the gaming site any information when you make a deposit.


The only alternative option for this kind of purchase is a casino that accepts Paysafecard deposits.


No Hidden Costs

There are no additional fees associated with utilizing this type of deposit.


The most money that can be converted from cash to code and then deposited into a casino account is £250. But at least you won’t have to worry about any hidden fees or charges while using it to fund your casino account.

Pick a Gambling House That Takes Cash to Program


The variety of gambling establishments that take Cash to Code is quite good. While there are many online casinos, not all of them can be trusted. If you want to join a legit online Cash to Code platform, read on to find out what to look for.


Casino Review Reading

Casino reviews are a great resource for learning about a gambling establishment before you play there. These will tell you all about the site’s amenities, from the number of games available in the lobby to the quality of the customer service to the deals you may get.


You can quickly weed out the less reputable casinos by reading reviews, and you’ll also have a good sense of what to expect if you do end up signing up with one.


Verify Your Withdrawal Choices

Since Cash to Code can’t be used for withdrawals, too, you’ll need to find out what other methods the casino supports. You should probably use a different deposit method if you don’t feel secure using your bank account or credit card at a casino.


However, you must be familiar with the withdrawal methods before you need to make a withdrawal request.


Find Out If the Casino Is Open

Casino patrons from areas where Cash to Code is offered should also be allowed to play there. If not, then what is the use? You will need to use a different deposit method if you are not in a nation where Cash to Code is accepted.  You can find out if you can utilize Cash to Code to fund your casino account by first verifying the casino’s country of availability.

The Cash to Code Specifics


Below, you’ll discover additional information on this unique mode of payment.


Exchange of Money for Permission to Use Computer Code

The Berlin, Germany-based Funanga Group runs the Cash to Code platform. That organization has been around since 2013; its branches in Australia and the UK are actively engaged in business. The payment system is governed by Funanga AG, Funanga Ltd., and Funanga Australia Pty Ltd.


The Flow of Money into Source Code

You can utilize the Cash to Code banking option to make purchases at the following merchants:



Great Britain




Financial Aid for Programming

You may always go to Funanga’s official website if you require any additional basic information regarding the Cash to Code depositing option. It’s not really informative, but if you want to know more, you can always ask Funanga.


Cash Issue? Let Code Know

If you run into any issues while making a deposit utilizing the Cash to Code method, your only real option is to get in touch with the casino’s support staff. If they see a problem with a transaction, they can look into it.


You might also go back to the original merchant store where you used the barcode to make the purchase. Any problems with wire transfers should also be investigated by the staff there.



Cash to Code is a safe, quick, and simple way for gamblers to make deposits at their preferred online gambling establishment. It is unfortunate that withdrawals cannot be made in this manner, and that the company provides so little in the way of online support.


But it’s all neatly packaged and laid out so that you can breeze through the procedure. As a result, you may play at the casino with a £250 deposit and no worries about your private information being made public.



Is learning more about Cash to Code something you’d be interested in? Examine the Frequently Asked Questions.


Is Cash to Code available to anyone?


Users must be 18 or older and located in Germany, Austria, Ireland, the United Kingdom, or Italy to use Cash to Code.


In what ways may I access my Cash to Code funds?


Cash to Code is not a withdrawalable currency. This form of payment should only be used to make deposits.


Where do I sign up for Cash to Code?


Cash to Code is not an account type that you create. It’s unnecessary. You can pay with cash at any retailer by printing out a barcode using the casino’s cashier page.

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